De Dietrich
De Dietrich

France - Suburban Cube Home

Located in the outskirts of the famous city of art and love, this family house combines contemporary architecture and Zen living.

If you dream of a romantic home, replete with sensual designs, then this French couple's house would be the perfect setting, at just a little more than 10km from the heart of Paris, in the western suburb of Rueil-Malmaison.

Eric, 40 and Camille, 36 are the proud owners of a unique home. An architect himself, Eric was very much involved in the project, which took about three years to complete. "We didn't fix an actual deadline for ourselves, so we were under less pressure," he says. "The project was open-ended and evolved as time went by. We moved in just a week before getting married - a moment of pure happiness." Based on a concept of cubes and modern architecture, the exterior of the house is a design marvel, with a predominantly white wash accented with striking red paint on selected walls. The result is a modern interpretation of a family home.

The interior of the 200 sq m house is also a showcase of understated style and linearity that further anchors the concept of Cubist architecture. From the shapes of the rooms and even the slope of the roof, the lines are clean with hardly any ambiguity and curves to distract the eye. Stainless steel railings were also used both indoors and outdoors to underline the Cubist aspect, says Eric. In addition, he also requested for a Zen style, with uncluttered lines. One of the key ways in which this look was successfully accomplished was through the choice of materials and colours. Natural tones such as white, cream, grey and light brown are used liberally for the home's furnishings and walls. To add a warmer note to the stark whites, parquet flooring in red oak is used while flat stepping stones are also thrown in the mix to reinforce the Zen inspiration. The homeowners also made sure that the materials used were made to last since they have two young children aged three and one - the residence needs to be a practical space to live in.

Besides being a functional family home, the three-bedroom abode is also speciallydesigned for the owners to truly relax and enjoy some pampering. In the master bedroom, a unique spa setup takes the place of a conventional attached bathroom. A dividing wall that splits the sleeping space from the spa area also doubles as the bathroom sink and tabletop. Flanking the other side of the spa area, a wall of mirrors create an illusion of space. Not surprisingly, this home-spa setting is the couple's favourite spot. "With the spa facilities in our bedroom, we can truly relax and get away from it all," says the couple.

For more family-friendly fun, the couple enjoys spending time in the kitchen baking cakes and cooking. "We all love fine food, including our two little girls," explains the couple. "We enjoy entertaining and having our friends over." Because the kitchen is a crucial area in the design of the home, the owners made sure that only durable and high-quality materials were fitted. For the tabletops, granite work surfaces were used, and for the kitchen appliances the family chose De Dietrich. "The De Dietrich appliances are exactly what we were looking for," enthuses Eric. "We appreciate their modern design and their practicality and we didn't take long to make decisions, thanks to the harmonious style and the excellent features." In fact, the family recently experimented with their low temperature oven, successfully making homemade yoghurt - perfect for the little ones.

Although they have only lived here for a short while, the family is clearly settling well in their dream home. "We feel nothing but happiness," say the couple. "It is really the house we dreamt of - spacious, comfortable and well designed."