De Dietrich
De Dietrich

Cyprus - Grecian Bungalow

Hard-to-fault architecture and natural materials go hand-in-hand when creating this relaxed home on the Mediterranean.

Cyprus is an island known for its sun-kissed beaches, scenic coastlines, unhurried lifestyle and a fascinating blenwd of Roman-, Byzantine-, Greek- and Britishinfluenced culture. And the Cypriots, are renowned for their hospitality, warmth and delicious seafood mezzes. But it's the vertiginous mix of Mediterranean weather and cuisine and low cost living that makes it attractive for well-travelled individuals to make Cyprus their home. Young people are seduced by the island's modern lifestyle choices. Case in point is this married couple, who were enamoured by a new neighbourhood (being developed) that has proper infrastructure. The plot of land that they purchased was spacious enough for a swimming pool and garage. Façade-wise, the building leans towards a modern Neo-classical style flaunting straight lines and broad walls. In general, the building appears wide thanks to large, square windows and cubist proportions. The open-plan arrangement on the ground floor, allows the homeowners to enjoy an unfettered line of sight from the living room to the swimming pool. The tall, wide glass doors allow enough sunlight to flood the living room, thereby creating a sense of airiness and spaciousness.

With clean, simple facades, it doesn't take too long to guess that the couple appreciates a practical home that can last many years yet remain elegant and relevant to their lives.

At 3,231 sq ft, the home is big enough for a veranda, lounge, formal dinner area, kitchen with dining room, small office and guest toilet on the first floor. Heading upstairs, one is greeted by the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and three more bedrooms with a common bathroom. Like any happy, married couple, adding a sense of style to a home to call their own becomes an inevitable processes. They requested for natural materials such as touches of walnut wood to go with the white granite kitchen benches, crema marfil marble in the open-plan area of the ground floor and walnut walls in the guest bathroom. It took one and a half years for the home to be completed. Key to creating this lavish space was the fact that the couple enjoys wining and dining every day. That is why De Dietrich appliances were their choice picks for their top-notch performance, great all-round features and an international reputation that is peerless. Guests who enter the kitchen don't realise the presence of these amazing devices. And they are not to be blamed! It's probably the sleek cabinets that house the compact profiles of these gizmos: the dishwasher is flushed under the kitchen sink with nary a protrusion, the fume extractor is situated in an empty carcass of the overhanging cabinets, the induction hob is flushed with the work countertop, just to name a few. But the two most-used devices - the multi-function oven and microwave oven - integrated into the walnut-themed cabinets make it a conversation piece when friends and family pop by. This eye-catching display is where style meets technology and it's also where good food is produced. The homeowner attests that many great dishes such as roasted chicken, seafood and tomato pasta, grilled salmon with home-made sauce of basil, olive oil, mustard and honey have come out of this stylish kitchen ensemble. And for any bona fide Cypriot, the adage "eat, drink and be merry" certainly holds true. "We're utterly thrilled to move to a new house and have all the comfort we need," enthuses the homeowner. "And the De Dietrich appliances have allowed us to create satisfying culinary creations that we can share with friends and family."

This home's well-planned kitchen, bolstered by comfort and good architecture, makes it a pleasure to live on the balmy isle of Cyprus.